2015 Royal Road Recipe Apple Wine

VQA Prince Edward County VQA

his dry white, 12% alc wine is made from 100% locally grown PEC apples. Pairs well cheese, with pork or poultry. Serve chilled.

2017 Mysterium

VQA Prince Edward County VQA

Made exclusively from our estate grown Pinot Noir, this wine saw no skin contact resulting in this beautiful, unique, dry white wine made from red grapes - like a champagne without bubbles! Very food friendly. Drink now.

2017 Pinot Noir Fortified Dessert Wine
This slightly sweet wine is fortified with locally distilled brandy and made from our estate grown Pinot Noir (17.8% alc). Excellent with dark chocolate or enjoy with a cigar.
2017 cru X Rose

VQA Prince Edward County VQA

This 100% estate grown rose' is made from 77% Pinot Noir and 23% Vidal. Slightly off-dry, it's a great patio sipper. Enjoy year round with poultry, pork, salmon or vegetarian dishes.

2017 Pinot Grigio

This estate grown Alsatian style gris is an orange wine that spent less than 10 days on the skins. Don't let the light / lack of orange colour fool you. This wine is rich and flavourful - a real winner!

Exultet is a small, hands-on, family-run operation from vineyard to bottle. Our goal is to make the most elegant expression of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that this land is capable of. To make a wine that says by its taste that it comes from our particular vineyards. Wine that exults!

Directions to Exultet Estates:


Route #1 - go to Milford via County Rd 10, turn south and continue via County Rd 10 turning right onto Royal Rd heading west.


Route #2 - Take County Rd 10 to County Rd 24, continue turning left onto Royal Rd heading east.


Route #3 -Take County Rd 10 to County Rd 24, turn left onto Lighthall Rd, then left onto Royal Rd heading east.cork